The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Luigi Negri Cesi

Negri Cesi, Luigi


* 5th of May 1880

† December 1945


1917-02-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1918-01-06 Colonel
1931-09-14 Brigadier-General
1935-XX-XX Major-General
1938-04-20 Lieutenant-Colonel


1916-12-XX 1917-04-XX Chief of Service Office, Plateau Command
1917-04-XX 1917-09-XX Deputy Chief of Staff, Intendant Service, 6th Army
1917-09-XX 1918-02-XX Chief of Service Office, Plateau Command
1918-02-XX 1918-XX-XX Chief of Separate Intendancy Office, 1st Army
1918-XX-XX 1918-04-XX Chief of Separate Intendancy Office, 6th Army
1918-04-XX 1918-06-06 Chief of Service Office, 6th Army
1918-06-06 1920-12-02 Chief of Staff, 10th Infantry Division
1920-12-02 1924-07-XX Chief of Staff, 24th Infantry Division "Chieti"
1924-07-XX 1926-XX-XX Commanding Officer 26th Infantry Regiment
1931-10-01 1934-XX-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Alpine Brigade
1934-XX-XX 1936-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 13th Infantry Division "Montenero"
1936-01-XX 1937-05-XX General Officer Commanding 5th Alpine Division "Pusteria" [East Africa]
1937-05-XX 1937-09-XX At disposal of Ministry of War
1937-09-XX 1939-XX-XX Inspector of Alpine Troops
1939-09-02 1939-12-20 General Officer Commanding Alpine Corps
Picture source: Courtesy of Laurent Icardo