The Generals of WWII

Generals from Japan Flag for Japan
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Akira Muto

Muto, Akira


* 15th of December 1892

† 23rd of December 1948

(武藤 章)


1939-03-XX Major-General
1941-10-XX Lieutenant-General


1934-03-XX 1935-03-XX Attached to 1st Regiment
1935-03-XX 1935-08-01 Attached to Military Affairs Bureau, Ministry of War
1935-08-01 1936-06-19 Attached to the Ministry of War
1936-06-19 1937-03-01 Chief of Intelligence Section Kwantung Army
1937-03-01 1937-11-02 Chief Maneuvers Section, General Staff
1937-11-02 1938-02-14 Vice Chief of Staff Central China Area Army, China
1938-02-14 1938-07-15 Vice Chief of Staff Central China Expeditionary Army, China
1938-07-31 1939-09-30 Vice Chief of Staff Northern China Area Army
1939-09-30 1942-04-20 Head of Military Affairs Bureau, Ministry of War
1942-04-20 1943-06-01 General Officer Commanding Imperial Guards Division
1943-06-01 1944-10-05 General Officer Commanding 2nd Imperial Guards Division, Singapore-Sumatra
1944-10-05 1945-09-XX Chief of Staff 14th Area Army, Philippines
1948-12-23 Condemned to death and hanged as war criminal
Picture source: Courtesy of Paul Godley