The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Renya Mutaguchi

Mutaguchi, Renya


* 7th of October 1888

† 2nd of August 1966



1934-03-XX Colonel
1938-03-01 Major-General
1940-08-XX Lieutenant-General


1933-12-20 1936-03-27 Chief of General Affairs Section, General Affairs Bureau, General Staff
1936-03-27 1936-05-30 Commanding Officer Peking Garrison Infantry Unit, China
1936-05-30 1938-03-01 Commanding Officer 1st Regiment, China
1938-03-01 1938-07-15 Attached to Kwangtung Army Head quarters
1938-07-15 1939-12-01 Chief of Staff 4th Army
1939-12-01 1941-04-10 Commandant of the Military Preparatory School
1941-04-10 1943-03-18 General Officer Commanding 18th Division, China-Malaya-Philippines-Burma
1943-03-18 1944-08-30 General Officer Commanding 15th Army, Burma
1944-08-30 1944-12-02 Attached to the General Staff
1944-12-01 Retired
1945-01-12 Recalled
1945-01-12 1945-09-XX Commandant of the Military Preparatory School
1945-09-XX Retired
1945-12-XX 1948-03-XX Arrested as a suspected war criminal
1948-03-XX Released