The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Sadao Murata

Murata, Sadao


* 5th of August 1896

† 2nd of February 1981


(むらた さだお)


1940-03-09 Colonel
1944-08-01 Major-General


1939-05-20 1940-03-09 Staff Officer, Northern China Area Army
1940-03-09 1941-10-15 Chief of Staff, 21st Division
1941-10-15 1944-01-07 Attached to Military Administration Bureau, Ministry of War
1944-01-07 Attached to Army Ordnance Administrative Headquarters
1944-01-07 1945-02-20 Chief of Staff, 21st Division
1945-02-20 1945-09-XX Commandant of Takao Fortress
1945-02-20 1945-09-XX Commanding Officer 100th Independent Mixed Brigade