The Generals of WWII

Generals from Italy Flag for Italy
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Riccardo Moizo

Moizo, Riccardo


* 27th of August 1877

† 26th of February 1962


1916-12-16 Lieutenant-Colonel
1917-08-16 Colonel
1923-10-16 General (Air Force)
1923-12-30 Reverted to Colonel
1929-02-21 Brigadier-General
1932-11-20 Major-General
1936-10-01 Lieutenant-General


1917-10-XX Commanding Officer Air Forces, 3rd Army
1918-03-XX Chief of Aviation Service Office, High Command
1918-04-01 1919-08-XX Chief of Staff, 15th Infantry Division
1919-08-XX 1919-11-XX Commanding Officer Air Forces, 7th Army
1919-11-XX 1923-01-XX Commanding Officer Air Force Command
1923-01-XX 1923-12-30 Commander in Chief of the Air Force
1923-01-XX 1923-12-30 Director-General of Military Affairs, High Commissariat of Aviation
1923-10-16 Transferred to the Air Force
1923-12-30 Reverted to the Army
1924-02-24 1926-11-01 Commanding Officer 6th Field Artillery Regiment
1926-11-01 1929-02-21 Commanding Officer 3rd Artillery Command
1929-02-21 1930-11-16 Commanding Officer Artillery, Roma Corps
1930-11-16 1931-09-16 Inspector of Mobilization, Territorial Military Division Roma
1931-09-16 1932-12-01 At disposal of the Designated General Officer Commanding Army of Florence
1932-12-01 1934-02-XX General Officer Commanding Territorial Military Division Milano
1934-02-XX 1934-09-16 General Commanding Commanding Infantry Division "Legnano"
1934-09-16 1936-11-30 General Officer Commanding 1st Celere Division "Eugenio di Savoia"
1935-11-30 1940-08-27 Commander in Chief Royal Carabinieri
1940-01-23 1943-08-05 Member of the Commission of the Armed Forces, Senate
1943-08-12 1943-09-09 Prefect of Lubiana
1943-08-27 Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Valdis Kursietis