The Generals of WWII

Generals from Poland Flag for Poland
Portrait of Brigadier-General Stanisław Kostka Miller

Miller, Stanisław Kostka


* 6th of November 1881

† 10th of February 1963


1919-06-01 Colonel
1930-01-01 Brigadier-General


1920-03-XX 1920-09-09 Commanding Officer 3rd Field Artillery Regiment
1920-09-09 1921-10-10 Commanding Officer 3rd Artillery Brigade
1921-10-10 1924-05-15 Commanding Officer 27th Field Artillery Regiment
1924-05-15 1927-01-03 Deputy Head of Artillery & Ordnance Department, Ministry of War
1927-XX-XX 1928-XX-XX Chief of Artillery & Ordnance IV Corps Area
1928-XX-XX 1935-XX-XX Commanding Officer 4th Artillery Group
1935-10-01 1937-07-01 Commandant of the Central Artillery School
1937-07-01 1939-09-XX Head of Artillery Department, Ministry of War
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