The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General of Artillery Gennadii Pavlovich Mezhinskii

Mezhinskii, Gennadii Pavlovich

Major-General of Artillery

* 17th of July 1903

† 1984

(Геннадий Павлович Межинский)


1944-08-22 Major-General of Artillery


1940-10-XX 1941-05-XX Commanding Officer ? Artillery Regiment
1941-05-XX 1941-09-XX Commanding Officer 747th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment
1941-09-XX 1942-01-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Gomel Air Defence Brigade Area
1942-01-XX 1942-08-XX Commanding Officer Artillery, 3rd Air Defence Division
1942-08-XX 1942-10-14 Commanding Officer Saratov-Balashovsk Air Defence Division Area
1942-10-14 1942-11-30 Commanding Officer Artillery, Saratov-Balashovsk Air Defence Division Area
1942-11-30 1945-04-15 Commanding Officer 6th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division
1945-04-15 1946-10-XX Commanding Officer XV Air Defence Corps
1946-10-XX 1952-05-XX Commanding Officer 45th Air Defence Division
1952-05-XX 1958-03-20 Head of the Military Department, Penzensk Industrial Institute
1958-03-20 Retired
Picture source: From Velikaia Otchestvennia Komkory : Voennyi Biograficheskii Slovar, 2006