The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Lucien-Léon-Jules-Marie Merlin

Merlin, Lucien-Léon-Jules-Marie


* 20th of June 1890

† 1982


1937-05-21 Lieutenant-Colonel
1941-03-25 Colonel
1942-12-XX Brigadier-General
1945-12-25 Major-General


1937-05-21 1939-08-29 Commanding Officer 41st Engineers Battalion
1937-05-21 1939-08-29 Chief of Communications, Morocco
1939-08-29 1940-XX-XX Chief of Communication, French North African Teather of Operations
1940-XX-XX 1940-09-12 Commanding Officer 19th Engineers Regiment
1940-09-12 1941-12-16 Commanding Officer 41st Engineers Regiment
1941-12-16 1942-11-XX Chief of Communications, Algeria
1942-11-XX 1943-07-01 Chief of Communications, French North Africa
1943-07-01 1943-11-XX Chief of Communications, Corps Expéditionnaire Français [Italy]
1943-11-XX 1945-05-04 Chief of Communications, Armed Forces
1943-11-XX 1945-05-04 Director-General of Communications Services, Commissariat of War
1944-04-22 1945-05-04 Chief of Communications, French North Africa
1945-05-04 1947-09-05 Inspector of Communications
1947-09-05 1948-06-25 Inspector of Communications Equipment & Technical Services
1948-06-25 1949-06-XX Chief of Mission for Telecommunications in North Africa
1949-06-XX Retired
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