The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General João de Mendonça Lima

Mendonça Lima, João de


* 12th of April 1886

† 12th of April 1965


1931-10-15 Lieutenant-Colonel
1933-02-10 Colonel
1938-07-08 Brigadier-General
1945-01-15 Major-General


1930-XX-XX 1930-10-XX Chief of Staff, 5th Military Region
1932-05-XX 1932-11-XX Chief of Staff, 2nd Military Region
1932-11-XX 1937-11-30 Director-General of Post & Telegraphs
1937-11-30 1945-10-31 Minister of Communications & Public Works
1945-12-XX 1946-04-XX General Officer Commanding 9th Military Region
1946-04-XX Retired
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