The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Vincent J. Meloy

Meloy, Vincent J.


* 8th of December 1895

† 10th of December 1960



1939-XX-XX 1940-02-XX Attached Office of the Chief of the Air Corps
1940-02-01 1941-01-15 Commanding Officer 29th Bombardment Group
1941-01-23 1941-04-09 Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations & Training (G-3), Southeastern Air District
1941-04-09 1941-11-20 Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations & Training (G-3), 3rd Air Force, Tampa, Florida
1941-10-15 1941-10-29 Acting Chief of Staff, 3rd Air Force
1941-11-21 1941-12-10 Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel (A-1), 3rd Air Force
1941-12-XX Member of the Joint Intelligence Committee, Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
1943-01-09 1943-10-XX Commanding Officer Caribbean Wing, Air Transport Command
1943-11-06 1943-12-13 Commanding General Africa-Middle East Wing, Air Transport Command
1943-12-14 1944-07-XX Commanding General North African Wing, Air Transport Command
1944-07-XX 1946-01-01 Commanding General Truax Field, Wisconsin
1946-04-30 Retired