The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Frederick LeRoy Martin

Martin, Frederick LeRoy


* 26th of November 1882

† 23rd of February 1954



1926-06-XX 1927-03-30 Commanding Officer Bolling Field, District of Columbia
1927-04-01 1930-07-07 Chief of Inspection Division, Office of the Chief of the Air Corps
1930-07-XX 1931-09-22 Commandant of the Air Corps Advanced Flying School
1930-07-XX 1931-09-22 Commanding Officer Kelly Field, Texas
1931-09-23 1934-07-03 Commandant of the Air Corps Primary Flying School
1931-09-23 1934-07-03 Commanding Officer Randolph Field, Texas
1934-07-XX 1934-XX-XX Executive Officer, Air Corps Material Division
1934-09-XX 1935-06-XX Attending the Army War College
1935-07-XX 1937-03-31 Commanding Officer Wright Field, Ohio
1937-04-XX 1940-10-04 Commanding General 3rd Wing
1940-11-01 1941-12-17 Commanding General Hawaiian Air Force
1942-02-01 1942-05-14 Commanding General 2nd Air Force
1942-06-28 1944-01-06 Commanding General 2nd District, US Army Air Forces Central Technical Training Command
1944-07-31 Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Shawn M. Bohannon