The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Kombrig Vladimir Aleksandrovich Malinnikov

Malinnikov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich


* 7th of February 1892

† 13th of September 1949

(Владимир Александрович Малинников)


1936-02-17 Kombrig
1943-01-27 Colonel


1919-05-XX 1920-02-XX Commanding Officer 7th Reserve Regiment
1920-02-XX 1920-07-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Partisan Regiment
1920-07-XX 1920-10-XX Commanding Officer 273rd Rifle Regiment
1920-10-XX 1921-07-XX Commanding Officer 190th Rifle Regiment
1921-07-XX 1922-08-XX Commanding Officer 194th Rifle Regiment
1922-08-XX 1924-02-XX Commanding Officer 111th Rifle Regiment
1924-02-XX 1924-09-XX Commanding Officer 110th Rifle Regiment
1924-09-XX 1925-10-XX Assistant Commanding Officer 97th Rifle Regiment
1925-10-XX 1926-11-XX Senior Assistant Chief of Operations Section, XVI Rifle Corps
1926-11-XX 1927-10-XX Commanding Officer 79th Rifle Regiment
1927-10-XX 1928-08-XX Attending the Senior Officers' Course 'Vystrel'
1928-08-XX 1931-03-XX Commanding Officer 79th Rifle Regiment
1931-03-XX 1933-11-XX Assistant Commanding Officer 48th Rifle Division
1933-11-XX 1936-08-XX Commanding Officer 1st Separate Military Construction Brigade
1936-08-XX 1938-08-22 Deputy Commanding Officer Special Rifle Corps
1938-08-22 1939-08-22 Arrested
1939-08-22 Released
1939-11-22 1941-07-XX Instructor at the Military Transport Academy
1941-07-04 1941-08-30 Commanding Officer 1st Leningrad People's Militia Division
1941-11-03 Tried by a Military Tribunal , but was acquitted
1941-11-15 1942-07-XX Commanding Officer 4th Separate Naval Rifle Brigade
1942-07-XX 1942-08-XX Commanding Officer Fortified Area, Nevsk Operational Group
1942-08-XX 1944-03-08 Commanding Officer 16th Fortified Area
1942-08-XX 1943-12-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 67th Army
1944-03-08 1944-03-XX At disposal of the Military Council, Leningrad Front
1944-03-XX 1944-06-XX Hospitalized
1944-06-XX 1945-01-31 Commandant of 4th District Sniper School
1945-01-31 1946-08-XX Head of Orel Infantry Officers' Improvement Course
1946-08-XX 1947-05-07 Head of Moscow Infantry Officers' Improvement Course
1947-05-07 Retired
Picture source: From 'Velikaya Otechestvennaya. Komdivy. Voennyy biograficheskiy slovar. Tom 1", 2011