The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier Noel Medway Loutit

Loutit, Noel Medway


* 8th of March 1894

† 9th of August 1983

Nickname: Tommy


1918-09-02 Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel
1918-12-01 Lieutenant-Colonel


1918-09-02 1920-01-09 Commanding Officer 45th Infantry Battalion
1927-06-15 1930-06-14 Commanding Officer 27th Infantry Battalion
Commandant of Darwin
1940-XX-XX 1941-XX-XX Commanding Officer Overland Route Maintenance Force
1941-02-26 1944-12-13 Commanding Officer 11th Lines of Communication Sub Area
1944-12-14 1945-01-18 Director of Transportation, Army Headquarters
1945-XX-XX 1946-XX-XX Deputy Quartermaster-General, Army Headquarters
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