The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Stanisław Lisowski

Lisowski, Stanisław


* 16th of April 1902

† December 1957


(Former Soviet Army)

(Станислав Игнатьевич Лисовский)

(Stanislav Ignatevich Lisovskii)


1942-06-28 Colonel (Soviet Army)
1944-09-13 Major-General of Engineering Troops (Soviet Army)
1944-09-13 Brigadier-General
1945-05-25 Major-General


1941-06-XX 1942-10-XX Chief of Operations Section, Engineering Troops Leningard Front 00.10.42-00.04.44: Chief Engineer Officer 67th Army
1944-04-XX Transferred from the Soviet Army
1944-04-24 1944-09-24 Chief Engineer Officer 1st Polish People's Army
1944-09-24 1945-06-07 Chief of Engineers Polish People's Army
1945-06-07 1945-11-15 Head Department of Engineering, Ministry of Defence
1946-04-15 Returned to Soviet Union
Picture source: From "Dowodcy Wojska Polskiego na froncie wschodnim 1943-1945" by Maciej Szczurowski, 1996