The Generals of WWII

Generals from Romania Flag for Romania
Portrait of Major-General Gheorghe Leventi

Leventi, Gheorghe


* 24th of November 1884

† 15th of June 1968


1919-04-01 Lieutenant-Colonel
1925-02-15 Colonel
1935-04-01 Brigadier-General
1939-10-25 Major-General


1937-XX-XX 1940-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 6th Infantry Division
1940-XX-XX Acting General Officer Commanding 1st Army
1941-03-25 1941-07-07 General Officer Commanding V Corps
1941-08-31 Retired
Picture source: From "Armata Româna în al Doilea Razboi Mondial 1941-1945" by Alesandru Duţu, Florica Dobre, Leonida Loghin, 1999