The Generals of WWII

Generals from Hungary Flag for Hungary
Portrait of Major-General Alajos Lemberkovics

Lemberkovics, Alajos


* 14th of July 1888


1940-09-01 Major-General


1938-05-01 1940-03-01 Commanding Officer 11th Infantry Brigade
1940-03-01 1941-08-01 Commanding Officer 15th Infantry Brigade [Yugoslavia]
1941-08-01 1942-04-01 Chief Administration Officer I Mobile Corps
1942-04-01 1942-08-01 General Officer Commanding 18th Light Division
1942-11-01 Retired
1944-09-07 1944-11-XX Chief of Administration, Bihar County
1944-11-XX 1945-02-10 Military Commander, Pest County