The Generals of WWII

Generals from France Flag for France
Portrait of Brigadier-General Henri-Clément-Marie-Charles Le Joindre

Le Joindre, Henri-Clément-Marie-Charles


* 22nd of January 1880

† 1976


1928-09-25 Lieutenant-Colonel
1933-03-25 Colonel
1937-12-22 Brigadier-General


1928-XX-XX 1931-05-21 Attached to 402nd Artillery Regiment
1931-05-21 Staff Officer to General Hergault as Member of the Supreme War Council
1931-05-21 Staff Officer, Inspectorate-General of Military Aviation
1935-10-07 Staff Officer, Inspectorate-General of Anti-Aircraft Artillery
1935-10-07 1937-11-11 Commanding Officer 401st Artillery Regiment
1937-11-11 1937-12-22 Acting Assistant General Officer Commanding Anti-Aircraft Artillery
1937-12-22 1938-10-16 Assistant General Officer Commanding Anti-Aircraft Artillery
1938-10-16 Commanding Officer 31st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade
1940-06-11 1940-06-25 Commanding Officer Anti-Aircraft Artillery, Army of Paris