The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Ivan Sidorovich Lazarenko

Lazarenko, Ivan Sidorovich


* 8th of October 1895

† 26th of June 1944

(Иван Сидорович Лазаренко)


1940-02-11 Kombrig
1940-06-04 Major-General
1940-09-17 Demoted
1942-10-21 Colonel


1936-XX-XX 1938-XX-XX Military Adviser to the Spanish Republican Army
1938-03-XX 1939-10-XX Assistant Commanding Officer 70th Rifle Division
1939-10-XX 1940-01-31 Commanding Officer Karelian Fortified Area
1940-01-31 1941-07-04 Commanding Officer 42nd Rifle Division
1941-07-04 1941-09-17 Arrested
1941-09-17 Court-martialed and condemned to death but sentence not carried out
1941-09-29 Sentence changed to 10 years hard Labour
1942-10-21 Released
1942-10-21 1943-01-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 146th Rifle Division
1943-01-XX 1943-11-16 Deputy Commanding Officer 413th Rifle Division
1943-11-16 1944-06-26 Commanding Officer 369th Rifle Division
1944-06-26 Killed in Action
Picture source: Courtesy of Ilya Mukhin