The Generals of WWII

Generals from Hungary Flag for Hungary
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Gyula Kovács

Kovács, Gyula


* 4th of July 1893

† 4th of June 1963


1942-11-01 Major-General
1944-09-01 Lieutenant-General


1940-03-01 1941-03-01 Chief of Staff III Corps
1941-03-01 1941-09-30 Chief of Section 3/a., Ministry of Defence
1941-10-01 1942-03-09 Chief of Field Officer Training Courses
1942-03-10 1942-09-08 Chief of Section I/a., 2. Army
1942-09-08 1943-06-01 Chief of Staff 2nd Army [Eastern Front]
1943-06-01 1944-09-01 Commandant of the Royal Hungarian Military Academy
1944-09-01 1944-11-XX General Officer Commanding IX Corps [Eastern Front]
1944-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Acting Chief General Staff
1944-11-XX 1945-02-XX Attached to Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces
1945-02-XX 1945-05-03 Inspector of Combat Discipline