The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Ivan Petrovich Konovalov

Konovalov, Ivan Petrovich


* 1907

† 1967


(Иван Петрович Коновалов)


1939-02-04 Captain of State Security
1941-06-XX Colonel
1942-01-08 Major of State Security
1943-02-14 Colonel of State Security
1943-05-26 Major-General


1939-02-XX 1941-08-XX Deputy Chief of NKVD Special Section, Central Asian Military District
1941-08-XX 1943-01-17 Chief of NKVD Special Section, 53rd Army
1943-01-17 1943-04-29 Deputy Chief of 12th Section, Special Sections Directorate, People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs NKVD
1943-04-29 1945-05-27 Deputy Head of Main Counter-Intelligence Directorate SMERSH
1946-06-XX 1952-01-24 Chief of Counter-Intelligence Section, Turkestan Military District
1952-01-24 1953-03-XX Chief of Counter-Intelligence Section, Odessa Military District
1953-03-XX 1954-04-XX Chief of MVD Special Section, Odessa Military District
1954-04-XX 1956-05-XX Chief of KGB Special Section, Odessa Military District
1956-07-15 Retired
Picture source: From: 'Kto rukovodil organami gosbezopasnosti 1941-1954' by N.V. Petrov, 2010