The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Ivan Nikitovich Konev

Konev, Ivan Nikitovich


* 23rd of December 1898

† 19th of November 1983

(Иван Никитич Конев)


1944-09-13 Major-General


1940-09-XX 1941-09-XX Chief of Staff, 91st Rifle Division
1941-09-XX 1942-06-XX Chief of Staff, VII Airborne Corps
1942-06-XX 1942-07-XX Chief of Staff, I Airborne Corps
1942-07-XX 1942-08-23 Chief of 2nd Section, Airborne Forces Directorate
1942-08-23 1942-12-08 General Officer Commanding VIII Airborne Corps
1942-12-08 1946-06-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Guards Airborne Division
1946-06-XX 1946-07-XX Commanding Officer 23rd Mechanized Division
1946-07-XX 1947-07-XX Commanding Officer 106th Guards Airborne Division
1947-07-XX 1948-10-XX Chief of Staff, CXXXVII Rifle Corps
1948-10-XX 1952-04-XX Deputy Commanding Officer CXXXVII Rifle Corps
1952-04-XX 1955-06-XX Deputy Commanding Officer XIV Guards Rifle Corps
1955-06-XX Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Mikhail Eremenko