The Generals of WWII

Generals from Japan Flag for Japan
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Teijiro Kitazawa

Kitazawa, Teijiro


* 13th of April 1889

† 16th of August 1953



1944-10-26 Lieutenant-General


1940-08-01 1940-09-07 Attached to 20th Division
1940-09-07 1942-07-09 Commanding Officer South China Sea Naval Transport Command
1942-07-09 1944-10-14 Commanding Officer 3rd Naval Transport Command
1944-10-14 1945-01-20 Attached to Arny Naval Transport Headquarters
1945-01-20 1945-09-02 General Officer Commanding 123rd Division
1945-09-XX 1953-08-16 Prisoner of War, Soviet Union
1953-08-16 Died in a Prisoner of War Camp, Soviet Union