The Generals of WWII

Generals from Japan Flag for Japan
Portrait of General Heitarō Kimura

Kimura, Heitarō


* 28th of September 1888

† 23rd of December 1948


(きむら へいたろう)


1931-08-01 Colonel
1936-08-01 Major-General
1939-03-09 Lieutenant-General
1945-05-07 General


1928-07-XX 1929-06-XX Attached to the Inspectorate of Artillery
1929-06-XX 1929-09-XX Instructor at the Field Artillery School
1929-09-XX 1929-11-XX Attached to the General Staff
1929-11-XX 1931-08-01 Member of the Japanese Delegation to the London Disarmament Conference
1931-08-01 1932-08-08 Commanding Officer 22nd Artillery Regiment
1932-08-08 1934-08-01 Instructor at the Field Artillery School
1932-08-08 1934-08-01 Staff Officer, Army Technical Headquarters
1934-08-01 1935-03-15 Attached to the Coastal Artillery School
1935-03-15 1936-08-01 Chief of Control Branch, Economic Mobilization Bureau, Ministry of War
1936-08-01 1939-03-09 Head of Ordnance Bureau, Ministry of War
1937-11-20 1939-03-09 Head of Field Ordnance, Imperial Headquarters
1939-03-09 1940-10-22 General Officer Commanding 32nd Division
1940-10-22 1941-04-10 Chief of Staff, Kwantung Army
1941-04-10 1943-03-11 Vice Minister of War
1943-03-11 1944-08-30 Member of the Supreme War Council
1943-03-11 1944-08-30 Head of Army Ordnance Administrative Headquarters
1944-08-30 1945-09-12 Commander in Chief Burma Area Army
1948-12-23 Condemned to death and hanged as war criminal
Picture source: Courtesy of the Kohima Museum