The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier Thomas Fuller Kennedy

Kennedy, Thomas Fuller


* 12th of June 1892

† 25th of April 1958


1939-04-20 Lieutenant-Colonel
1941-12-10 Acting Colonel
1942-06-10 Temporary Colonel
1944-06-06 Acting Brigadier
1944-12-05 Colonel (Dated back to 1942-04-20)
1944-12-06 Temporary Brigadier
1946-07-04 Reverted to Colonel
1949-02-26 Granted the honorary rank of Brigadier


1939-05-XX 1939-06-XX Senior Medical Officer 18th Brigade
1939-XX-XX 1940-XX-XX Commanding Officer Military Hospital Haifa
1940-XX-XX 1941-XX-XX Assistant Director of Hygiene Scottish Command
1941-XX-XX 1943-XX-XX Deputy Director of Hygiene Scottish Command
1943-01-14 Professor in Hygiene, Royal Army Medical College
1944-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Deputy Chief of Public Heath Branch, Civil Affairs Division, Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
1945-XX-XX 1946-XX-XX Principal Medical Officer Public Health Branch, Allied Control Commission Germany
1949-02-26 Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Paul Godley