The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier Arthur George Kenchington

Kenchington, Arthur George


* 1890

† 1966


1939-01-01 Temporary Brigadier


Commanding Officer 7th Battalion Royal Tank Regiment
1940-XX-XX Deputy Director of Staff Duties, War Office
Brigadier Armoured Fighting Vehicles Home Forces
1940-09-19 1940-11-01 Commanding Officer 24th Army Tank Brigade
1940-11-01 1942-08-30 Commanding Officer 24th Armoured Brigade, North Africa
1940-11-04 1940-12-14 Acting General Officer Commanding 8th Armoured Division
1942-08-30 1942-11-21 Commanding Officer 24th Armoured Brigade Group, North Africa
1942-12-22 1943-03-01 Commanding Officer 24th Armoured Brigade, North Africa
1943-XX-XX 1943-05-20 Brigadier General Staff (Training), 18th Army Group [North Africa]
1943-05-20 Director of British Military Training, Allied Force Headquarters
1946-XX-XX Retired