The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of General Hitoshi Imamura

Imamura, Hitoshi


* 28th of June 1886

† 4th of October 1968

(今村 均)


1926-08-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1930-08-01 Colonel
1935-03-15 Major-General
1938-03-XX Lieutenant-General
1943-05-01 General


1930-08-01 1961-08-01 Chief of Recruiting Section, Military Affairs Bureau, Ministry of War
1931-08-01 1932-02-10 Chief of 2nd Section (Manoeuvers), 1st Bureau, General Staff
1932-02-10 1932-04-11 Attached to the General Staff
1932-04-11 1933-08-01 Commanding Officer 57th Regiment
1933-08-01 1935-03-15 Commandant of Narashino Army School
1935-03-15 1936-03-23 Commanding Officer 40th Brigade
1936-03-23 1937-08-02 Vice Chief of Staff Kwantung Army, Manchuria
1937-08-02 1938-01-27 Director of the Toyama Army Infantry School
1938-01-27 1938-11-21 Head of Military Administration Bureau, Ministry of War
1938-11-21 1940-03-09 General Officer Commanding 5th Division, China
1940-03-09 1941-07-01 Deputy Inspector-General of Military Training
1941-06-28 1941-11-06 General Officer Commanding 23rd Army
1941-11-06 1942-11-09 General Officer Commanding 16th Army, Dutch East Indies
1942-11-09 1945-09-02 Commander in Chief 8th Area Army, New Guinea-Solomons Island
1946-04-XX 1947-05-XX Arrested and tried as a war criminal
1947-05-XX Condemned to 10 years imprisonment as a war crminal
1954-11-XX Released
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