The Generals of WWII

Generals from Japan Flag for Japan
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Masaki Honda

Honda, Masaki


* 17th of May 1889

† 17th of July 1964



1933-08-01 Colonel
1937-08-02 Major-General
1939-10-02 Lieutenant-General


1930-12-XX 1932-02-XX Instructor at the Toyama Army Infantry School
1932-02-XX 1933-08-01 Attached to the Inspectorate-General of Military Training
1933-08-01 1935-08-01 Commanding Officer 22nd Regiment
1935-08-01 1936-03-07 Instructor at the Toyama Army Infantry School
1936-03-07 1937-08-02 Chief of 1st Section, Inspectorate-General of Military Training
1937-08-02 1938-03-01 Commanding Officer 2nd Brigade
1938-03-01 1939-08-01 Director of the Toyama Army Infantry School
1939-08-01 1939-12-01 Commandant of the Toyama Army Infantry School
1939-12-01 1940-10-28 Vice Chief of Staff China Expeditionary Army, China
1940-10-28 1942-02-26 General Officer Commanding 8th Division, Manchuria
1942-06-26 1943-03-11 Chief of Armored Warfare Department, Ministry of War
1943-03-11 1944-04-08 General Officer Commanding 20th Army, Manchuria
1944-04-08 1945-09-XX General Officer Commanding 33rd Army, Burma
1947-08-XX Retired