The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Sidney Rae Hinds

Hinds, Sidney Rae


* 14th of May 1900

† 17th of February 1991


1941-12-24 Lieutenant-Colonel (Army of the United States)
1942-07-04 Colonel (Army of the United States)
1943-07-02 Lieutenant-Colonel
1945-03-21 Brigadier-General (Army of the United States)
1947-02-28 Brigadier-General


1941-XX-XX Executive Officer, 41st Armored Infantry Regiment
1942-XX-XX Commanding Officer 41st Armored Infantry Regiment
1942-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Commanding Officer 42nd Armored Infantry Regiment [North Africa - Italy - North West Europe]
1945-XX-XX Commanding Officer Combat Command B, 2nd Armored Division [North West Europe]
1945-XX-XX 1947-02-28 Commanding General Armored Replacement Training Center, Fort Knox, Kentucky
1947-02-28 Retired