The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Jean Guillemont

Guillemont, Jean


* 4th of February 1878

† 22nd of December 1939


1933-09-28 Brigadier-General
1937-06-19 Major-General


1931-07-22 1937-04-24 Attached to a Staff of the Supreme War Council
1937-04-24 1939-09-02 Military Governor of Belfort
1937-04-24 1939-09-02 Commanding Officer Sub-Division Group Belfort
1937-04-24 1939-12-22 General Officer Commanding Fortified Region Belfort
1939-09-27 1939-12-22 Commanding Officer Sub-Division Group Belfort
1939-XX-XX Temporary General Officer Commanding XXXXIV Fortress Corps