The Generals of WWII

Generals from Canada Flag for Canada
Portrait of Brigadier James Revely Russell Gough

Gough, James Revely Russell


* 7th of May 1907


1942-04-11 1942-11-15 Assistant Quartermaster-General I Canadian Corps
1942-11-16 1943-05-02 Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster-General 5th Canadian Armoured Division
1943-05-03 1943-11-13 Assistant Quartermaster-General 1st Canadian Army
1943-11-14 1945-09-18 Chief Administration Officer 1st Canadian Army
1944-09-19 1945-06-17 Commanding Officer Army Troops Area 1st Canadian Army
1945-08-21 1945-XX-XX Deputy Adjutant-General, National Defence Headquarters