The Generals of WWII

Generals from Poland Flag for Poland
Portrait of Brigadier-General Kazimierz Glabisz

Glabisz, Kazimierz


* 10th of February 1893

† 26th of November 1981


1930-01-01 Lieutenant-Colonel
1936-03-19 Colonel
1945-06-01 Brigadier-General


1929-XX-XX 1939-08-31 Attached to the Inspectorate-General of the Armed Forces
1939-09-01 1939-09-03 At disposal of the Commander in Chief
1939-09-03 1939-09-09 Commanding Officer Improvised Group Kielce
1941-05-XX 1942-06-XX Head of I Department, General Staff
1942-06-XX 1943-03-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 1st Brigade
1943-10-01 1945-02-XX Deputy General Officer Commanding 2nd Armoured Division
1945-02-XX 1947-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 4th Division, England
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