The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Colonel-General of Engineers Ivan Pavlovich Galitskii

Galitskii, Ivan Pavlovich

Colonel-General of Engineers

* 9th of February 1897

† 8th of March 1987

(Иван Павлович Галицкий)


1938-08-16 Kombrig
1940-06-04 Major-General of Engineers
1943-02-14 Lieutenant-General of Engineers
1945-04-20 Colonel-General of Engineers
1957-07-04 Demoted to Lieutenant-General of Engineers


1938-04-XX 1940-07-XX Commanding Officer Engineers, Moscow Military District
1940-07-16 1941-11-XX Deputy Head of Main Military Engineering Directorate
1941-11-XX 1942-04-XX Chief of Staff, Engineers
1941-11-XX 1941-12-XX Commanding Officer Operational Engineers Group, Western Front
1941-12-XX 1942-01-XX Commanding Officer Operational Engineers Group, Coastal Army
1942-01-XX 1942-04-XX Commanding Officer Operational Engineers Group, Crimean Front
1942-04-XX 1943-12-XX Commanding Officers Engineers, Western Front
1943-12-24 1945-05-XX Commanding Officer Engineers, 1st Ukrainian Front
1951-XX-XX 1957-XX-XX Commandant of Military Engineering Academy
1957-07-04 Dismissed Top
Picture source: Courtesy of Ilya Mukhin