The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Firmo Freire do Nascimento

Freire do Nascimento, Firmo


* 1st of December 1881

† 9th of July 1967


1927-XX-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1929-05-XX Colonel
1937-12-XX Brigadier-General
1943-06-19 Major-General


1927-05-XX 1930-10-XX Chief of Staff, 3rd Military Region
1931-08-XX 1932-07-XX Commanding Officer 12th Recruitment District
1932-07-09 1933-12-25 Commanding Officer 19th Recruitment District
1935-08-XX 1936-09-XX Commanding Officer 5th Independent Cavalry Regiment
1936-10-XX 1937-07-XX Chief of Staff, Inspectorate of 1st Group of Military Regions
1937-07-XX 1937-11-XX Chief of Staff, Inspectorate of 2nd Group of Military Regions
1937-12-XX 1938-XX-XX Chief of Staff, 2nd Military Region
1938-XX-XX Temporary General Officer 2nd Military Region
1938-XX-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Infantry Regiment
1938-10-27 1939-02-27 General Officer Commanding 2nd Infantry Division
1939-02-XX 1939-03-XX Deputy Chief of the General Staff
1939-07-27 1940-06-21 General Officer Commanding 7th Military Region
1940-06-XX 1940-09-XX Chairman of the Commission for Reviewing the Army's Disciplinary Regulations
1940-09-XX 1940-12-XX Director of Cavalry, Train, Remount & Veterinary
1941-01-XX 1942-09-XX Director of Cavalry
1942-09-18 1945-10-28 Chief of the Military Cabinet to the President
1945-11-XX Retired
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