The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Arthur Nugent Floyer-Acland

Floyer-Acland, Arthur Nugent


* 1885

† 1980


1931-XX-XX 1934-XX-XX Commanding Officer 1st Battalion Duke of Cornwall' Light Infantry
1934-XX-XX 1936-XX-XX Assistant Adjutant-General, War Office
1936-XX-XX 1938-XX-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Indian Brigade
1937-XX-XX 1938-XX-XX Commandant of Waziristan, India
1938-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 50th Division
1938-XX-XX 1940-02-05 General Officer Commanding 43rd Division
1940-XX-XX 1942-XX-XX Military Secretary to Secretary of State of War