The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Bonner Frank Fellers

Fellers, Bonner Frank


* 7th of February 1896

† 7th of October 1973


1941-09-15 Lieutenant-Colonel (AUS)
1941-10-15 Colonel (AUS)
1942-10-30 Termination of rank Colonel (AUS)
1942-10-31 Colonel (AUS) (Dated back to 01.02.1942)
1942-12-04 Brigadier-General (AUS)
1942-12-11 Lieutenant-Colonel
1946-01-31 Termination of rank Brigadier-General (AUS)
1946-11-29 Termination of rank Colonel (AUS)
1946-11-30 Colonel
1948-08-16 Brigadier-General (Retired)


1940-09-XX 1942-XX-XX Military Attaché to Egypt
1940-09-XX 1942-XX-XX US Military Observer with the British Forces in the Middle East
1943-01-XX 1943-08-XX Attached to Planning Group, Office of Strategic Services
1943-09-XX 1944-04-XX Director of Planning Staff, South West Pacific Area
1944-04-XX 1944-11-XX Director of Civil Affairs Section for the Philippines, South West Pacific Area
1944-04-XX 1945-08-XX Psychological Welfare Officer, South West Pacific Area
1944-04-XX 1945-07-XX Military Secretary to General Douglas MacArthur
1946-01-XX 1946-07-XX Secretary-General of Allied Council for Japan
1946-11-30 Retired
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