The Generals of WWII

Generals from Hungary Flag for Hungary
Portrait of Major-General Géza Fehér

Fehér, Géza


* 23rd of September 1893

† 17th of July 1975


1943-05-01 Major-General


1939-08-01 1942-06-01 Chief of Section 9, Ministry of Defence
1942-06-01 1942-11-01 Commanding Officer 43rd Infantry Regiment
1942-11-01 1943-08-10 Commanding Officer 8th Border Guard Brigade
1943-08-10 1944-05-01 Commanding Officer 2nd Mountain Brigade [Eastern Front]
1944-05-01 1944-10-15 Commanding Officer Rear Area, 1st Army [Eastern Front]
1944-10-15 1945-04-XX General Officer Commanding 23rd Reserve Division [Eastern Front]