The Generals of WWII

Generals from Brazil Flag for Brazil
Portrait of Marshal Olympio Falconière da Cunha

Falconière da Cunha, Olympio


* 21st of June 1891

† 11th of August 1967


1937-09-07 Lieutenant-Colonel
1940-05-24 Colonel
1943-07-29 Brigadier-General
1948-09-23 Major-General
1955-03-23 Army General


1944-XX-XX Commanding Officer Infantry, 4th Military Region
1944-XX-XX General Officer Commanding Engineering & Medical Corps, Italy
1944-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Inspector-General of Brazilian Forces in Italy
1946-XX-XX Commanding Officer Infantry, 4th Military Region
1948-XX-XX Director of Army Training, Ministry of War
1949-XX-XX 1952-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 3rd Military Region
1954-XX-XX General Officer Commander in Chief Central Military Zone
1956-12-12 1961-06-12 Member of the Supreme Military tribunal