The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Vyvyan Evelegh

Evelegh, Vyvyan


* 14th of December 1898

† 27th of August 1958


1943-06-13 Temporary Major-General


1940-XX-XX 1941-XX-XX Instructor at Staff College Camberley
1941-01-11 1941-11-13 Commanding Officer 11th Brigade
1941-XX-XX 1942-XX-XX Brigadier General Staff ?
1942-XX-XX Assistant Commandant of Staff College Camberley
1942-06-14 1943-12-13 General Officer Commanding 78th Division, North Africa
1943-12-19 1944-07-24 General Officer Commanding 6th Armoured Division, North Africa -Italy
1944-08-25 1945-XX-XX Assistant Chief of the Imperial General Staff
1947-XX-XX 1948-XX-XX District Officer Commanding North-West District
1948-03-XX 1950-10-XX General Officer Commanding 42nd Division
1950-XX-XX Retired
Picture source: From "The Plain Cook and the Great Showman : The First and Eight Arimes in North Africa" by Gregory Blaxland, 1977