The Generals of WWII

Generals from Finland Flag for Finland
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Oscar Paul Enckell

Enckell, Oscar Paul


* 2nd of March 1878

† 5th of November 1960


1919-05-27 Colonel
1919-08-05 Major-General
1924-09-18 Lieutenant-General


1914-XX-XX Russian Military Attaché to Rome
1919-07-18 1919-09-16 General Officer Commanding Coastal Defence
1919-09-16 1924-09-18 Chief General staff
1924-09-18 Retired
1940-01-03 1944-03-13 Special envoy of the Commander in Chief to Paris & London in matters on foreign volunteers
1941-06-17 1944-09-04 Special envoy of the Commander in Chief
Picture source: Courtesy of Valdis Kurties