The Generals of WWII

Generals from Australia Flag for Australia
Portrait of Brigadier Herbert Frederic Henry Durant

Durant, Herbert Frederic Henry


* 22nd of February 1899


1939-11-02 1940-04-03 General Staff Officer 1, Army Headquarters
1940-04-04 1941-08-13 General Staff Officer 2, II Australian Corps
1941-08-14 1942-01-21 General Staff Officer 1, 7th Australian Infantry Division [Middle East]
1942-05-01 1943-06-16 Brigadier General Staff, 2nd Australian Army
1943-11-25 1943-12-08 Director of Staff Duties, Army Headquarters
1944-03-30 1945-XX-XX Army Liaison Officer, General Staff
1946-XX-XX Retired
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