The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Du Congrong

Du Congrong


* 1902

† 1979



1946-07-31 Major-General


1924-XX-XX Commanding Officer 1st Battalion, 4th Regiment, 2nd Division
1925-XX-XX Nationalist Party Representative, 4th Regiment, 2nd Division
1926-XX-XX Studied at Frunze Military Academy, USSR
1927-XX-XX Director of Instruction Section, Central Military Academy
1928-XX-XX Chief of the Political Section, 45th Division
1928-XX-XX Commanding Officer 31st Brigade, 11th Division
1929-XX-XX Commanding Officer Security Regiment, Nationalist Government Office
Member of the Military Advisory Council
1937-XX-XX Director of Training, Special Class for Vietnamese Officers
1946-XX-XX Military Counsellor, President's Office
1949-XX-XX Commanding Officer Hunan-Guangdong Border Guerrillas
1950-XX-XX Member, Planning Commission for the Recovery of the Mainland