The Generals of WWII

Generals from Greece Flag for Greece
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Georgios Dromazos

Dromazos, Georgios


* 1886

† 1973

(Γεώργιος Δρομάζος)


1923-XX-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1925-XX-XX Colonel
1934-XX-XX Major-General
1942-XX-XX Lieutenant-Colonel


Chief of Staff 10th Division
Chief of Staff III Corps
Chairman of the Commission for receiving small arms from Austria
Commanding Officer Infantry 3rd Division
General Officer Commanding 5th Division
1935-XX-XX Retired
1940-XX-XX Recalled
1940-11-18 1940-12-13 General Officer Commanding 10th Division
1945-02-XX 1945-05-15 Chief General Staff
1946-05-13 Retired
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