The Generals of WWII

Generals from Poland Flag for Poland
Portrait of Brigadier-General Rudolf Eugeniusz Dreszer

Dreszer, Rudolf Eugeniusz


* 27th of February 1891

† 22nd of October 1958


1924-XX-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1928-XX-XX Colonel
1938-XX-XX Brigadier-General


1927-08-XX 1931-10-XX Commanding Officer 15th Ulan Regiment
1931-10-XX 1937-04-XX Commanding Officer Cavalry Brigade Suwalski
1937-04-XX 1939-08-XX Commanding Officer Cavalry Brigade Wilenski
1939-XX-XX General Officer Commanding Cavalry Operational Group
1940-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 4th Division, France
1940-10-XX 1941-01-XX Commanding Officer 5th Brigade, England
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