The Generals of WWII

Generals from Yugoslavia Flag for Yugoslavia
Portrait of Brigadier-General Panta M. Draškić

Draškić, Panta M.


* 30th of November 1881

† 20th of August 1957


1920-11-XX 1923-07-09 Commanding Officer 45th Regiment
1923-07-09 1927-02-10 Commanding Officer 35th Regiment
1927-02-10 1931-05-05 Commanding Officer Savske Brigade
1931-05-05 1932-09-27 Commanding Officer Infantry Timočke Divisional District
1932-09-27 1935-XX-XX Deputy General Officer Commanding Savske Divisional District
1935-XX-XX 1936-09-06 Chief of the Order Chancellery
1936-09-06 Retired
1941-04-XX Recalled
1941-04-XX Commandant of Kalnskog
1944-02-16 Arrested by Gestapo
1944-02-16 1945-XX-XX Prisoner of War, Germany