The Generals of WWII

Generals from Yugoslavia Flag for Yugoslavia
Portrait of General Đuro Dokić

Dokić, Đuro


* 21st of December 1873

† 17th of June 1946


1916-03-XX 1917-09-15 Commanding Officer 1st Brigade
1917-09-15 1918-08-10 Adjutant to the Commander in Chief
1918-08-10 1919-02-XX General Officer Commanding Timočke Division
1919-02-XX 1919-11-XX General Officer Commanding Jadranske Divisional District
1919-11-XX 1920-04-XX General Officer Commanding Dalmatian Troops
1920-05-02 1922-XX-XX General Officer Commanding Dravske Divisional District
1922-XX-XX 1925-12-30 Inspector of Infantry
1923-02-28 1925-12-30 President of the Standing Commission for Examinations for the rank of major
1925-12-30 1926-XX-XX Interim General Officer Commanding 1st Army District
1926-XX-XX 1930-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 1st Army District
1930-XX-XX 1931-02-27 Honorary Adjutant to the King
1931-03-27 Retired
1941-10-08 1944-XX-XX Minister of Transportation, Serbia
1945-XX-XX Arrested
1946-XX-XX Condemned to death as collaborator
1946-06-17 Executed