The Generals of WWII

Generals from Yugoslavia Flag for Yugoslavia
Portrait of Brigadier-General Ilija J. Dimitrijvić

Dimitrijvić, Ilija J.


* 28th of July 1881

† April 1941


1920-04-20 1920-06-10 Acting Commanding Officer 26th Regiment
1920-06-10 1920-09-XX Commanding Officer 14th Regiment
1920-09-XX 1922-02-28 Commandant of Podogoričkog Area
1922-08-28 1923-03-06 Commanding Officer 15th Regiment
1923-01-16 1923-03-06 Instructor at the Infantry School
1923-03-06 1927-02-10 Deputy Commandant of the Infantry School
1927-02-10 1928-10-31 Commanding Officer 15th Regiment
1928-10-31 1931-04-30 Interim Commanding Officer Infantry Vardarske Divisional District
1931-04-30 1937-XX-XX Deputy General Officer Commanding Vardarske Divisional District
1937-10-12 Retired
1941-04-XX Recalled
1941-04-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Rear 25th Vardarske Division