The Generals of WWII

Generals from Hungary Flag for Hungary
Portrait of Colonel-General Zoltán Decleva

Decleva, Zoltán


* 30th of July 1887

† 17th of July 1950


1938-05-01 Major-General
1940-09-01 Lieutenant-General
1942-10-01 Colonel-General


1927-XX-XX 1931-XX-XX Aide-de-Camp to the Commander in Chief of the Army
1930-XX-XX 1935-XX-XX Adjutant of the Army Supreme Command
1931-XX-XX 1933-XX-XX Chief of Staff 1st Mixed Brigade
1933-03-01 1936-11-01 Head Bureau of Training, Ministry of Defence
1936-11-01 1940-03-01 Deputy Chief General Staff
1938-10-01 1940-03-01 Secretary-General of the Supreme Military Council
1940-03-01 1941-05-01 General Officer Commanding I Corps [Yugoslavia]
1941-05-01 1941-11-01 Deputy Chief General Staff
1941-05-01 1941-11-01 Deputy Commander in Chief of the Army
1941-11-01 1942-12-03 General Officer Commanding 3rd Army [Yugoslavia]
1943-02-01 Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Andris J. Kursietis