The Generals of WWII

Generals from Yugoslavia Flag for Yugoslavia
Portrait of Brigadier-General Despot A. Damjanović

Damjanović, Despot A.


* 8th of August 1883

† 6th of December 1944


1927-03-27 1928-04-09 Deputy Commanding Officer 30th Regiment
1928-04-09 1930-04-30 Commandant of Đakovici
1930-04-30 1933-01-31 Commanding Officer 37th Regiment
1933-XX-XX 1936-XX-XX Attached to the Staff of Savske Divisional District
1936-08-14 1937-08-XX Interim Commanding Officer Infantry Osječke Divisional District
1937-08-XX 1937-10-10 Chief of Staff Air Force Command
1937-10-10 1937-11-05 Chief of Operation Department, General Staff
1937-11-05 1939-09-10 Deputy General Officer Commanding Osječke Divisional District
1939-09-10 1941-04-XX Deputy General Officer Commanding Jadranske Divisional District
1941-04-XX 1944-12-06 Prisoner of War, Germany
1944-12-06 Killed by American bombs near Osnabrück