The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Charles-Joseph-Gaston Damidaux

Damidaux, Charles-Joseph-Gaston


* 29th of March 1891

† 11th of May 1980


1934-12-25 Lieutenant-Colonel
1939-06-24 Colonel
1944-01-01 Brigadier-General


1934-XX-XX 1937-09-22 Staff Officer, Infantry Directorate, Ministry of War
1937-09-22 1938-02-21 Administrative Assistant Director of Infantry, Ministry of War
1938-02-21 Attached to 503rd Armoured Regiment
1939-XX-XX Staff Officer, Paris Military Region
1939-10-23 1940-05-31 Commanding Officer 92nd Motorized Infantry Regiment
1940-05-31 1945-05-XX Prisoner of War