The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Henri Cobert

Cobert, Henri


* 3rd of February 1885

† 4th of May 1944


1943-06-28 Brigadier-General (Dated back to 1941-01-01)


1928-11-25 1932-09-01 Staff Officer, 2nd Bureau, Army General Staff
1932-09-01 1934-09-XX Commanding Officer 67th Artillery Regiment
1934-09-XX 1936-05-20 Commanding Officer 188th Artillery Regiment
1936-05-20 Special Staff Officer, Army General Staff
1939-XX-XX Representative of the Ministry of War to the Supreme Scientific Research Council
1939-09-02 1940-06-23 Commanding Officer Artillery, XXI Corps
1940-06-26 1942-12-20 Prisoner of War
1942-12-20 Released for reasons of health